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I paint the portrait of your pet !

Each pet is unique !

Its look, its fur, its character and all its peculiarities make it irreplaceable in the eyes of its owner.

My goal is to faithfully paint your companion, and to make it a work of art that you will enjoy hanging in your home… or giving as a gift !

How is it made ?

I offer two different techniques :

Oil painting

A real traditional painting. This very old technique offers a warm and authentic result !

I use professional grade oils on a 100 % linen canvas.

The painting is then varnished in order to protect it and guarantee good color fastness over time.

A beautiful frame will sublimate your painting! If you wish, it can be delivered framed in an American box. Choice of: matte black, matte white, raw light wood or custom color. I can provide you simulation picture and quote for free.

The animal is painted on a simple background in the color of your choice. Decor can be added for an additional charge depending on its complexity.

• Examples of oil paintings :

Digital painting •

Realized with the graphic palette on computer, the portrait of your animal is then printed on a beautiful thick bracket.

2 brackets are possible :

On aluminum : 3 mm thick panel with aluminum sheets. Solid, matte finish and elegant.


On plexiglass : 3 mm thick panel. Brilliant and modern, with a beautiful color rendering.


A frame is not mandatory but will enhance your painting considerably. Seek advice from a professional framer.

The animal is painted on a simple background in the color of your choice. Decor can be added for an additional charge depending on its complexity.

Examples of digital paintings :

What is the price of a portrait ?

Prices expressed in euros.

Larger formats are available on request.

Oil painting

1 pet 2 pets 3 pets
20 x 20 cm 180
30 x 30 cm 290380
40 x 40 cm 490660740
50 x 50 cm 660780910
60 x 60 cm7709401120
18 x 24 cm180
24 x 30 cm 270340
30 x 40 cm 420540650
38 x 46 cm 590680790
40 x 60 cm 640760880
50 x 70 cm 7509201090
20 x 50 cm330420520
30 x 60 cm 480570660
40 x 80 cm 85010001330
40 x 120 cm 128015001990

Digital painting

1 pet 2 pets 3 pets
20 x 20 cm 130
30 x 30 cm 180240
40 x 40 cm 240340440
60 x 60 cm290390510
20 x 30 cm 130220
30 x 40 cm 190250340
40 x 60 cm 260350450
50 x 75 cm 310410520
30 x 60 cm240290380
40 x 80 cm 280380480
30 x 120 cm360470580

How are the prices set ?

The price of an original drawing is set mainly according to the time required for its completion. The portraits that I offer you require several hours, even days, of work. I also take the time to advise you: illustration is my job.

The cost of the material is also taken into account. This is a professional grade material, which guarantees the longevity of the picture.

Each painting is unique and personalized according to your tastes ; such a drawing will always be more expensive than a drawing made to be printed in series.

How to order a portrait of your companion ?


First of all, write to me via the Contact page to let me know your request ! I will answer you in turn and we can then discuss your project (technique, size of the painting, background color, deadline …), and you can send me several beautiful photos of your animal : one of them will serve as a model for the final drawing.


I send you a RIB for payment, n invoice and RIB for payment, as well as an invoice guaranteeing that the order will be honored on time. Orders below 200 € are to be paid in one go. Beyond that, I ask for a deposit of 50%.


Once done, I start your painting !


Once finished, I send you a photo of the result. Of course, I can make changes, within reason (one hour of work max).


Payment of the balance due, in the cas of you have paid a deposit.


All you have to do is wait for your painting to arrive by post !


If you wish, I would be delighted to receive a photo of your animal with its portrait ! You can also leave your appreciation at the bottom of this page.

How much are the shipping costs ?

It depends on the country where you live. I’ll be able to give you a precise price during our exchanges by email.

How quickly is the picture received ?

  • Oil painting : the minimum lead time is 3 weeks.
  • Digital painting : the minimum lead time is 10 days.

These lead times are indicative and may vary depending on the time of year, the size of the painting and the shipping destination. They take effect from the receipt of payment and the necessary photos.

We can agree together on a precise deadline. However, if you had a specific request in terms of deadline, please let me know !

Autres précisions

All the portraits I make are unique pieces, personalized according to the client’s wishes. I do not reproduce them to sell them to other customers. They can only be used in the context of my communication, for example with a view to being published on my social networks.

Modifications are no longer possible once the drawing has been validated and sent. Exchanges or refunds are not accepted. However, if you have any problem, I invite you to contact me.

These paintings are works subject to copyright. They are intended for personal use only and may not be used for other purposes. In accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code on which they depend (art. L.121-1 to L.121-9), any use not mentioned in writing by the author is prohibited.

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